Speed up SugarExcel add-in Selecting Reports and Queries

I've been building a lot of reports in Excel using SugarCRM Data by using the Select Report and Query Wizard options in the SugarCRM Excel Add-in.

Up until today I would put a report on a sheet and have to sit back and wait for all of the data to refresh. I was in the middle of building a massive Excel report that consists of over 15,000 forumlas calculating a TON of data. As you can imagine there was massive delays refreshing the data from SugarCRM. With only 64 entries being refreshed it was taking over 14 minutes to refresh.

After a bit of searching, I found out that you can turn off Automatic Calculations within Excel. Not only did this speed up the 15,000 forumla calculations, but the SugarCRM refreshing is now literally instant, there is no delay at all. The only requirement is that I hit F9 to refresh the calculations whenever a change is made.

Hitting F9 is a trade I will take to bypass 14 minutes of waiting.

This is a per-workbook setting.

Option 1, Ribbon:

  1. Formula tab
  2. Calculation Section
  3. Calculation Options
  4. Manual

51 excel manual calculation ribbon

Option 2, File Options:

  1. File
  2. Options
  3. See Option Below:

 51 excel manual calculation fileoptions