Microsoft SQL Server Maintenance Plans Backup to another computer

One thing I do often at work is setting up Microsoft SQL Server's. One step during the setup is to create Maintenance Plans that automatically backup the database(s).

A frequent issue is that the backup drive, may not be installed directly within the machine. That is to say, it could be USB, or another server altogether. Microsoft SQL Server does not allow backing up databases to non-local sources(or at least they don't make it easy finding a way around).

Today while fiddling with settings, I remembered that it is possible to mount another servers share as a local folder within a local drive.

This may work on XP and Vista, but as I only have Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 to test with, I can only confirm Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

  1. Open a new Command Prompt
  2. The command you want to use is "mklink"
mklink /d "c:\access_sharedfolder" "\\server\sharedfolder\"

When setting up the maintenance plan on the SQL Server, point the backup save location to the C:\access_sharedfolder directory, it will not have access to the other computers share.

You may need to fiddle with permissions, do not forget that SQL Server is most likely running as Local System. If so, make sure Local System can write to the share.